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Addicted To The Tragedy

Dance Music Authority

Addicted To The Tragedy has a more Psychedelic Tech-Trance edge with Electronic fusion. Most of the tracks have dance rhythms with Middle Eastern vocals and that famous Mortal Loom ambient fusion sound. Chris & Cosey are very special guests artists on Addicted To The Tragedy. Chris & Cosey bring their signature rhythms and vocals to two of the tracks on this CD. Their vision and musical style are long tested and are a complement to this new CD.

Songs like "Future Kick", "Orion", and "Burning Up" are powerful tracks clocking at 135 bpm while "Fade To Black" and "Sex, Romance and Glamor" clock in at 125 bpm and have a very dark down tempo seductive attraction.

ADDICTED TO THE TRAGEDY has a many surprises in store for you. The CD will take you on a journey that started over 10 years ago and will surpass your expectations.

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