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Alchemy Through Dreams - EURO Limited

A unique crossover of Electronica with a taste Tribal rhythms. An unexpected journey through a mysterious dream-like soundscape.

ALCHEMY THROUGH DREAMS ''Limited" is a unique blend of Electronico, Trip Hop, Tribal rhythms and Gothic elements. The domestic release of this album was on bolh radio ond bestseller charts for Six consecutive months. The new limited edition of the European mix features 2 previously unreleased tracks. The first track ''Dark Circus" is inspired by ond recorded in homage of the diva of electronic music, Wendy Carlos. The second track is an extended re-mix version of ''Shadow Puppets".

Mortal loom's sound was developed over 10 years; this process included traveling around the world, listening to the environment, and sampling unusual organic sounds. Creating custom instrumentation is the root of Mortal Loom's style, resulting in this dreamy, upbeat music that deserves repeated listening. Your listeners are guaranteed to hear sounds ond mixing never presented anywhere before. Special guests include Norman Mayell of the historic 60's San Francisco band, Sopwith Camel, Max Moyell, and vocalist Judy July.

The Band

Comprised of a guild of international alchemical musicians, dreamers and visionaries, MORTAL LOOM continues the traditions of successful Euro & US artists such as Coil, Psychic TY, Chris & Cosey, Dead Con Dance, SOMA, Vapourspace, Yello, Soft Cell, BT and The Art Of Noise. Directly influencing the future through music is not only a goal but also a reality for Mortal Loom! Mortal Loom's fusion of organics ond machines touch on the realms of the universe with their suggestive mind-altering psychedelic trance.

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