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This Vastness


Five years in the making this new CD takes you on a journey that is quite different the previous ML CDs. There are many more lyrics that bring you into the music. The new style comes from other artists working with Mortal Loom. Latent Anxiety, G-man and Gary Boggs helped in creating a hot dynamic sound that won’t let you out of its grip. This new CD also comes with some dance tracks that are signature to Mortal Loom that we know you will enjoy.

This CD features cover songs of Peter Murphy, Soft Cell and Q Lazzarus.

Mortal Loom has garnered a reputation for international excellence, working with many artists including Chris and Cosey of CTI as well as other artists around the world. Mortal Loom's sound was developed over 20 years: Comprised of a guild of international alchemical musicians, dreamers and visionaries, Mortal Loom continues the traditions of successful Euro & US artists like Coil, Psychic TV, Chris & Cosey, Dead Can Dance, The Crystal Method, SOMA, Vapourspace, Yello, Soft Cell, BT and The Art Of Noise. Mortal Loom's mission continues with their new release "This Vastness”

Mortal Loom works on many collaborative works with artist around the world. As a band they are always trying new things and getting involved with other artists. It is easy to get caught up in your own work however trying new things and working with other artists helps keep it fresh.

1. Annihilating

2. Immaculate

3. Discerning Taste

4. Chemical Tricks

5. Strange Skin

6. I'm Feeling

7. Sex Slave

8. Psycho-Passion

9. Exp 36

10. Indigo Eyes

11. Goodbye Horses

12. Numbers

13. Goodbye Horses (Remix)

This Double CD with 5.1 DTS surround is $15.95. Includes standard 1 CD and 1DTS 5.1 CD. This special offer also includes includes 24Bit 48kHz HD audio files and free shipping!

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