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Witchcraft Protection and Good Luck Spell Kit Pouch

  • 13 fresh herbs and handmade incense
  • 8" long Gemstone White Selenite Wand ( May be replaced or upgraded ) 
  • Custom made Prosperity and Protection oils
  • Quartz cristal (May be upgraded)
  • Snowflake Obsidian - small
  • Soapstone Mortal & Pestle - small (Sometimes we will have different kinds of this item)
  • Pentagram bag (May be be upgraded or replaced)
  • All instructions included.
  • You can use this in your home and the carry it where you go.


This kit and spells are from a 200 year old recipe and they are © 1996-2018 VWF. This nothing like the rest of the kits you find. Most are all useless and not made by long-term practitioners. This Spell kit is intense and can also be used to fire-up other spells you have cast. This is not dark magic! 
The actual retail worth of this kit is $245.35.
Blessed Be! ⭒

If you need a custom kit please send us a message!


Note: Some items ar replaced because items go out of stock. Most are all upgrade replacements. We will notify you if there is a replacement. Smowflake obceain and herbs will not be replaced. 

This Spell Kit is watermarked and copyrighted! It is not wise to take things that are powerful from others. They will be marked for theft just by doing it.



Please send a message 📩 if you have any questions.



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Note: This item can be returned if there was damage during shipping. Please notify us within 3 days and take pictures of the damage items and send them to us in a ebay message. The items will be replace only if we receive the 3 day notification and pictures.

Witchcraft Protection and Good Luck Spell Kit Pouch

SKU: SKPouch
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