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Mind expanding Electronic Dance / Synthwave / Alternative Dance / Electronic / Techno / Trance / Psytrance and Avant-garde styles.

Mortal Loom - Alchemy Through Dreams was the top CD at Barnes and Noble for 6 months.

Tragic Dance Remix and Future Kick from Addicted To The Tragedy toped the dance charts for 18 weeks. 


Mortal Loom's Addicted To The Tragedy is definitely worth a belated notice.


Mortal Loom is the trio of F. Troy, Adrian Quay and L.F. Gray who collectively put together electronic music that ranks with the work of Underworld, Delirium and Lemon Jelly. Guesting on most cuts are Chris and Cosey and Kyle Swager on guitar.

What's nice about their music is the vocal treatments. Although Mortal Loom is mostly instrumental, when they use samples they use them sparingly, making the album less tiresome on the ears than a lot of electronic work. My favorite, "Sex, Romance & Glamor," reminds me of some of the work by Enigma and would probably find its best use in a club as a breathy slow strip tease number. In general the album is a little less frantic than some groups', however sometimes Mortal Loom allows Middle Eastern influences into their music that are pretty decaffeinated, as in "Orion" and "Master Challenge". "Reflection" has a moody almost Pink Floridian appeal. Addicted To The Tragedy is deep and gorgeous ear candy that's enjoyable on a simple listening level as well as the dance floor.


© Rusty Pipes





Addicted To The Tragedy has a more Psychedelic Tech-Trance edge with Electronic fusion. Most of the tracks have dance rhythms with Middle Eastern vocals and that famous Mortal Loom ambient fusion sound. Chris & Cosey are very special guests artists on Addicted To The Tragedy. Chris & Cosey bring their signature rhythms and vocals to two of the tracks on this CD. Their vision and musical style are long tested and are a complement to this new CD.


Songs like "Future Kick", "Orion", and "Burning Up" are powerful tracks clocking at 135 bpm while "Fade To Black" and "Sex, Romance and Glamor" clock in at 125 bpm and have a very dark down tempo seductive attraction.


ADDICTED TO THE TRAGEDY has a many surprises in store for you. The CD will take you on a journey that started over 10 years ago and will surpass your expectations.



Radio-Free Pusspuss

By DJ Pusspuss for San Francisco Spectrum

Mortal Loom

Addicted To The Tragedy


Mortal Loom ominously creep groove through landscapes of trippy vocals, polyrhymic-drops, noisescapes and clever instrumentations to a near trance beat that will waken your subconscious pagan baby. Think David Lynch meets Laurie Anderson backed by Enya. My picks: the seductive "Sex, Romance & Glamor" and the chickee-poo-ish after-hoursly "Orion (Arabic Dance Mix)".



Dance Music Authority Review




13 tracks of electronic, trance music is in this package lasting 73 minutes. This music is best described as a musical array of sounds and rhythms that will give you a groove and move. It's almost magical listening to this music and makes me reminisce to the days of Herbie Handcock's Thrust album in the early 80s. Lyrics and music are by Mortal Loom and features 80s faves Chris & Cosey. Addicted To The Tragedy is a delightful journey that everyone should take at least for the experience.

*** 1/2 stars Awesome




Chris Spector

Midwest Record Recap



MORTAL LOOM/Addicted to the Tragedy:


The grandfathers of industrial mellow (?) with age and turn their electronic manipulations into a great genre splicer in the mix. Doing one of those kitchen sink kind of creations, this crew is on the money as they wend their way through a great sonic landscape. Lots of genre hitters line up to lend a hand and the results will give some smart songs to aging electronic children.



- Immedia Wire Service


Addicted to the Tragedy



Part electronic, part acoustic, and all moody-groove, the soundscapes on the latest Mortal Loom album are miniature movies that play inside your head. The anonymous clan of alchemists and musicians called Mortal Loom have shaped another masterpiece of sonic blending. They are influenced by, but not limited to, the genres of trance, new age, goth, ambient, and electronica. In addition, they are happy to mix in some Latin rhythms and Middle Eastern textures, as well as contributions from Chris & Cosey (who helped found the whole category of industrial-trance music). This is a wonderful brew that is gaining global acceptance as well as climbing the U.S. college radio charts.



Inside Connection

- Ed Johnson


Mortal Loom covers so many genres that it is hard to define them, which is generally something musicians enjoy. Alchemy Through Dreams combines elements of trippy electronica, world music, jazz, ambient and new age. Alchemy Through Dreams starts off extremely ambient and dreamy with "Silence" and "Event Horizon." This sort of music lends itself to a very mystical atmosphere with lots of chimes, soft guitars and wave sounds. It definitely brought to mind soundtracks to films like Legend and The Last Unicorn.

The CD then changes pace with "Agnosia" and "Trip Hop Thing," adding a bit more beat and jazz feel. "Trip Hop Thing" would definitely please fans of Jamiroquai and similar light, upbeat jazzy music. This shift in vibes is a constant throughout Alchemy. The sound moves to almost a tribal beat with "Masses," and then to an ambient techno beat in "Into The Night" and "Shadow Puppets." The most surreal part of the CD is actually the closing: a cover of "Dream A Little Dream Of Me," the only song that includes lead vocals. Mortal Loom are F. Troy on guitar, piano, keyboards, sampling, computer programming, drums and vocal sampling; Norman Mayell on keyboards, computer programming and drums; Judy July on vocals; Adrian Quay on computer programming and keyboards; L.F. Gray on keyboards and custom sampling; and Bamette Travisano on percussion. It's hard to compare Mortal Loom to other bands, but fans of  Enigma, Enya, Tangerine Dream, Delirium and other crossover electronica or new age acts should enjoy them.



AMG Expert Review

- Alex Henderson


To those who haven't acquired a taste for electronic club music, a technology-based recording might sound like it consists of nothing but a beat (techno, jungle, acid house) or nothing more than a mood (ambient, trance, trip-hop). It's a question of what one does and doesn't comprehend -- however much artistic value an electronic recording might have, there are bound to be those who simply don't understand what they're listening to. Alchemy Through Dreams probably won't win over those who have a hard time understanding electronic music, but those who do understand it will find Mortal Loom's brand of electronica/ambient music rewarding and quite musical. While Mortal Loom maintains a haunting mood throughout this mostly instrumental CD, this album isn't one-dimensional or predictable. Depending on what's appropriate on a particular piece, the American group can incorporate anything from trip-hop, trance, and new age to world music and jazz. "Sorry...," in fact, hints at Tutu-era Miles Davis. The disc ends on a surprising note with its only non-instrumental: an ethereal interpretation of the pop standard "Dream a Little Dream of Me," which features singer Judy July. That standard is the last thing one expects to hear at the end of such a futuristic CD. Again, Alchemy Through Dreams is unlikely to convert anyone who insists that he/she doesn't care for electronica, but those who are open to electronic sounds will find a lot to admire about this release.




- PJB  - NAV


A delicious blend of ambient-electronica, tribal rhythms and Gothic elements. Mortal Loom developed their sound over 10 years traveling around the world, listening to exotic environments and recording unusual organic sounds. It can be said that many of the sounds heard on "Alchemy Through Dreams" have never been heard before! The result is very dreamy music that can touch listeners spiritually, opening minds to a journey that is mysterious and mesmerizing. With its softly flowing introduction, the ethereal music of "Silence" is both fragile as lace and surprisingly sensual. "Event Horizon" is a gorgeous galactic space journey that begins with a rocket ride through a black hole, then drifts through the universe with shimmering melodies. For a more up-beat aural adventure, try "Trip Hop Thing." with its minimalist cycle of Middle Eastern chants, reverberating horn accents and snazzy percussion is a dancers delight.





Somewhere between new age music at one end of the spectrum, and Dead Can Dance styling on the other, lies the music of Mortal Loom. Comprised of an international consortium of musicians and producers. Mortal Loom creates sonic dreamscapes that soothe the soul while taking the heart on a soaring journey into areas rarely visited. You'll hear a unique blend of ethereal music that uses elements of electronica, trip hop, tribal beats and Gothic forms all molded into an appealing collection of songs.





Mortal Loom "ALCHEMY THROUGH DREAMS": Think "Tangerine Dream"... think dangerous swirling synths that serve as background for the dreams that paint the world of your tomorrows. If your imagination is (even) half as powerful as you THINK it is, you'll have it identified. Heavy use of beautiful strings, simple patterns as a core for them to swirl over, under around & through. Some VERY interesting rhythm combinations, as in (one of my favorites) "Trip Hop Thing". This album is very pleasant listen with high energy. If you don't enjoy electronic oriented music, you'll probably shy away from this but you SHOULDN'T. Tastefully crafted music that deserves a listen & gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from us.





This incredible release is unique, ethereal, ambient crossover of electronica, trip hop, tribal rhythms, celestial and gothic elements. These elements appear, blend and vanish like the unfolding of a deep, mystical dream to evoke soundscapes of mysterious dimensions of reality coexisting beside our own. The music reaches into the soul to touch ancient memories and possibly enable a deeper understanding of self, concluding ((perfectly) with a delectable rendition of the popular "cellular memory trigger" song, Dream a Little Dream of Me sung by guest artist Judy July. For inner exploration, Alchemy Through Dreams is one of the most potent sonic vehicles available, receiving my highest recommendation to lovers of ambient/celestial/shamanic/new age music.




- Michael Allison


I knew that this CD would prove interesting as soon as I read the description of the music. It is described as 'A Unique Ambient Crossover of electronica and trip hop with a taste of tribal rhythms.' That pretty much sums it up. To be honest, this music is very good and some of the best electronic music that I've had a chance to hear. Very moody and at times, off the wall. The aura of this music is what is so attractive. The synths and programming in this music is amazing. On this CD, you find some of the smoothest grooves on the planet. All in all, this CD cooks and has the potential to be the template for the future of musical expression. This is great music and a must for every electronic/ambient music fan to at least check out.

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