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Mortal Loom

Mortal Loom has garnered a reputation for international excellence, working with many artists including Chris and Cosey of CTI as well as other artists around the world. Mortal Loom's sound was developed over 20 years: Comprised of a guild of international alchemical musicians, Mortal Loom continues the traditions of successful Euro & US artists like KFMDM, Kraftwerk, Assemblage 23, Gary Numan, Razed in Black, Jean-Michel Jarre, David Bowie, Japan, Delirium, Coil, Psychic TV, Chris & Cosey, Dead Can Dance, The Crystal Method, Visage, Ultraviolet, Yello, Soft Cell, BT and The Art Of Noise. 

Mortal Loom's mission continued with their latest release “This Vastness” in 2017 (the exciting two project set including DVD with DTS® Surround Sound) and will continue in with their new project in 2019/2020 with “ Ghosts in the Mirror.” But before that... There will be 2 single re-mixes released. They will be here for download first. 

Mortal Loom works on many collaborative projects with artist around the world. It is easy to get caught up in your own work however trying new things and working with other artists helps keep it fresh.

Directly influencing the future through music is not only a goal but also a reality for Mortal Loom! Mortal Loom's fusion of organics and machines touch on the realms of the universe with their suggestive mind expanding Psychedelic Rock, Neo-Goth-Trance and Dance Music.


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